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Eccentric Events Special to Finland

Welcome to Parra again 2018 date 28.7. at 12 - 18 o´clock. (No sauna event in Parra in year 2016.)

Accommodation in Teuva area. Please look new presentation from Teuva and surroundings

No reservation beforehand for Parra Caravan area, where payment only by cash for the weekend (Friday 12 o´clock - Sunday 24 o´clock).

Perhaps it’s the short and crazy summer that does it, but Finns have devised some of the most unusual events and competitions in the world. Seriously off-beat gatherings held throughout the country in the summer months include wife-carrying races, mobile-phone throwing contests and swamp football.

The fact that there are 5,3 million Finns and 1,7 million saunas says it all. Sauna is still an important part of the Finnish way of life. There are saunas everywhere in Finland and it is customary to go to sauna about once a week. As a general rule women and men bath separately, except within the family.

Finnish sauna is one form of the ancient sweat bath tradition. It relaxes the muscles and relieves muscular aches and pains. It also helps you sweat away mental stress. In sauna there are heated stones onto which you throw water to create steam. Some Finns also whisk themselves with bunches of birch leaves to stimulate the circulation of blood.

The most important thing to remember in sauna is to take time and listen to your own body. You don’t have to wait until others take a break, just leave the heat room when you no longer feel comfortable. Every now and then you should anyway leave the heat room to take a shower or a swim to cool off.

In tiny Teuva Municipality in the West Coast, mobile saunas get together. There are only two rules for the saunas. First they have to be mobilised and secondly they have to be so big, that one person can bath in the sauna. Every year there shall be lot of new sauna participators. If you like to join us, please send information about your sauna with picture 1.5. - 30.6.

There are no tickets, so you are welcome to join us. However for car park there shall charge of 5 euros and bus from ABC Teuva centre 4 euros - every hour starting at 12 o´clock and back from Parra starting at 12.30 o´clock. But if shall arrive with the sauna, you shall have a free parking space not far away from the sauna area.

This event for all sauna friends was first time in the center of Teuva in year 2006 with 18 saunas and second time in Parra in year 2007 with 37 saunas. Thereafter sauna festival has been in Parra. In year 2008 there were 37 saunas and about 2000 persons. In year 2009 there were even more: 47 saunas and about 6000 persons and in year 2010 we had 54 saunas and about 8000 persons. Thereafter there has been over 50 saunas every year.

Please bring your own towel and swimsuit and entire family along with you! One should be old enough to enjoy a sauna on their own to avoid any mishaps. However it becomes ones own responsibility in case of any mishap.

We have following program at Parra free time area in Teuva:

12 o’clock Grand opening by organizer “Siirrettävien Saunojen Kokoontumisajot ry”

Some music and presentation of the smallest moving sauna. After that also other sauna owners are free to presentate their own saunas with words. At sauna area are about 50 different mobile sauna´s from all over the Finland.


- please throw saunavihta as far as you can. Saunavihta is used in traditional sauna in Finland. Occasionally one uses leafy, fragrant boughs of silver birch called vihta or vasta to gently beat oneself. This has a relaxing effect on the muscles.

- make your own saunavihta with your own tools from the brushwood of birches, which are available in the sauna area.

There are also other assemblies for women and men, but also for the children.

17.30 o’clock prize giving for competitions of this event and lottery among those saunas, who have registered to sauna event before 30.6. Prize in the lottery is a small sauna stove made by one of the sponsors Teuvan Keitintehdas Oy.


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